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SnowPro Certification ARA-R01 Questions

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  • Exam Name:    SnowPro Advanced: Architect Recertification
  • Certification:     SnowPro Certification
  • Vendor Name:  Snowflake
  • Exam Code:       ARA-R01
  • Update on: May 30, 2024
  • Questions: 162

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ARA-R01 Questions for SnowPro Advanced: Architect Recertification Exam

Question: 1
A company has built a data pipeline using Snowpipe to ingest files from an Amazon S3 bucket. Snowpipe is configured to load data into staging database tables. Then a task runs to load the data from the staging database tables into the reporting database tables.

The company is satisfied with the availability of the data in the reporting database tables, but the reporting tables are not pruning effectively. Currently, a size 4X-Large virtual warehouse is being used to query all of the tables in the reporting database.

What step can be taken to improve the pruning of the reporting tables?

A. Eliminate the use of Snowpipe and load the files into internal stages using PUT commands.

B. Increase the size of the virtual warehouse to a size 5X-Large.

C. Use an ORDER BY <cluster_key (s) > command to load the reporting tables.

D. Create larger files for Snowpipe to ingest and ensure the staging frequency does not exceed 1 minute.

Answer: C

Effective pruning in Snowflake relies on the organization of data within micro-partitions. By using an ORDER BY clause with clustering keys when loading data into the reporting tables, Snowflake can better organize the data within micro-partitions. This organization allows Snowflake to skip over

irrelevant micro-partitions during a query, thus improving query performance and reducing the amount of data scanned12.
Reference =
• Snowflake Documentation on micro-partitions and data clustering2
• Community article on recognizing unsatisfactory pruning and improving it1

Question: 2
The data share exists between a data provider account and a data consumer account. Five tables from the provider account are being shared with the consumer account. The consumer role has been granted the imported privileges privilege.
What will happen to the consumer account if a new table (table_6) is added to the provider schema?

A. The consumer role will automatically see the new table and no additional grants are needed.
B. The consumer role will see the table only after this grant is given on the consumer side: grant imported privileges on database PSHARE_EDW_4TEST_DB to DEV_ROLE;
C. The consumer role will see the table only after this grant is given on the provider side: use role accountadmin;
Grant select on table EDW.ACCOUNTING.Table_6 to share PSHARE_EDW_4TEST;
D. The consumer role will see the table only after this grant is given on the provider side: use role accountadmin;
grant usage on database EDW to share PSHARE_EDW_4TEST ;
grant usage on schema EDW.ACCOUNTING to share PSHARE_EDW_4TEST ;
Grant select on table EDW.ACCOUNTING.Table_6 to database PSHARE_EDW_4TEST_DB ;

Answer: D

When a new table (table_6) is added to a schema in the provider’s account that is part of a data share, the consumer will not automatically see the new table. The consumer will only be able to access the new table once the appropriate privileges are granted by the provider. The correct process, as outlined in option D, involves using the provider’s ACCOUNTADMIN role to grant USAGE privileges on the database and schema, followed by SELECT privileges on the new table, specifically to the share that includes the consumer’s database. This ensures that the consumer account can access the new table under the established data sharing setup.
Snowflake Documentation on Managing Access Control Snowflake Documentation on Data Sharing

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