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CCNA will be revised in 2020

Cisco announced on the official website that it will update a series of certification exams on February 24, 2020. I will first organize the CCNA section.

CCNA Exam (200-301) content revision

The new version of the exam is in 2020 and the official name is the CCNA 2.0 certification exam. To avoid misunderstanding, I will call it with test code 200-301. Compared with the current exam version 200-125, the biggest difference in test content is that the breadth of the test range becomes larger, the test time and the number of problems have been extended, and the wireless LAN (wireless LAN) has been added, which increases the automation. And automation and programming. In short, the exam becomes difficult. The good news is that on February 24, 2020, there are still about 8 months, and the 200-125 exam is still available. If you are about to start preparing for CCNA certification, you still have plenty of time to prepare. Whether you are planning to enroll intensive training courses, or at work or at school, you can have a good time.

Has achieved the shock of CCENT

If the original plan is divided into two stages, this change will have the greatest impact on you in order to get CCNA’s friends. The CCENT certification and exam will also disappear on February 24, 2020. In short, you must complete ICND1 and ICND2 twice before February 24, 2020 and complete it to get CCNA. (According to my observations, there are not many friends who plan to take the CCNA exam in two stages in Taiwan. Please let me know!)

Have gained CCNA expertise, such as the influence of CCNA Wireless

These certification names will become a single CCNA certification from February 24, 2020, and they are already! The Cisco website mentions that in addition to the new CCNA certificate, these friends will also receive Cisco-approved points. These credits contribute to the recertification of CCNA. In short, you must pass the exam immediately unless your company asks you. Otherwise, I recommend that you wait until February 24, 2020 to test the new version. The following is a list of CCNA’s professions.

CCNA Cloud
CCNA collaboration
CCNA Network Action
CCNA Data Center
CCNA Industry
CCNA routing and switching
CCNA security
CCNA Service Provider
CCNA Wireless

CCNA Qualification Maintenance (Recertification)

The biggest change in this part is to participate in any future Cisco course, including classroom, online and self-study. Cisco will provide a credit line as long as it is approved by Cisco. Therefore, in addition to retesting the CCNA exam every three years, the original method, as long as you earn enough credits every three years, you can continue CCNA qualification. Current credits are in compliance with the rules, and the site only needs 30 credits to support CCNA qualification. However, I have not seen more information about the correspondence table for courses and credits. Lotus at the Taipei Botanical Garden

there’s one more thing …

This CCNA revision, I think is positive. The increase in automation and network management stylization also reflects the latest trends in network technology. For programming, we will discuss it in depth in the future. In fact, the revision of the exam and the rules is not only CCNA, but even CCNP, CCIE, etc. have changed on February 24, 2020. If you encounter problems with CCNA revisions, please leave a message and let me know!

Official website link:
Cisco Certified Network Assistant (200-301)
The new CCNA exam will be implemented on February 24, 2020.